End WAEC’s Monopoly to stop Examination Leakages-Consultant

Dr. Prince Armah an Education Consultant and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of VIAM Africa Centre for Education and Social Policy has observed that the only antidote to ending examination leakages in Ghana is resorting to multiple examination bodies.

According to him, the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) has enjoyed the monopoly for a very long time and as a result, become complacent in the conduct of examinations at various levels within the West African Sub-region.

He observed that if multiple examination bodies are introduced, WAEC will be compelled to provide quality service to its clients as competition ensures quality.

Speaking to Julius-Caesar Anadem on the Ultimate Breakfast Show,   Dr. Prince Armah cited a similar instance in the telecommunications Industry in Ghana which he observed, has brought about competition.

“We should not allow only WAEC to conduct examinations for us. We can encourage other bodies so that students can choose which examination bodies to examine them. I think it will end the increasing spate of examination paper leakages and malpractices”, he observed.

He indicated that Nigeria was faced with a similar situation until it established a body separate from WAEC which now conducts examination for students there.

Dr. Armah indicated that Ghana can take cues from that and work towards minimizing the rate of examination malpractices in the country if not completely eliminated.

By: Ghana/Ultimate1069.com/106.9fm