Duncan Williams’ apology video was doctored– NACCC

The National Association of Charismatic and Christian Churches (NACCC) and Action International College of Bishops have dispelled allegations that the Founder of Action Chapel Archbishop Duncan in a video apologised to the Muslim community for passing unpleasant comment. 

A video of the Archbishop apologising for defaming Islam went viral on social media some weeks ago.  

In the said video, the Action Chapel Founder is heard and seen apologising to the Muslim community in the country for the unpleasant comment passed about their religion in one of his sermons.

In a press statement issued by NACCC, it stated that the video has been carefully edited and distorted by people who lack understanding and wisdom of the circumstances under which such a gathering and conversation was held.

The statement urged the public to ignore the video, saying the Archbishop has not denied his faith.

“…The National Association of Charismatic and Christian churches and Action International College of Bishops are dismayed that a carefully edited version of the video recording of the meeting has been put on social media by certain individuals who have no understanding of the wisdom and maturity and counsel behind such gestures to create the impression that Archbishop Duncan Williams, chairman of the NACCC, who was at the meeting and also offered an apology has denied his faith, this is far from the truth”.

“It is the position of the NACCC and ACI college of Bishops that those behind the said video did not get the full video and therefore were misled into drawing such conclusions or are deliberately distorting the truth to achieve a certain aim,” the statement explained.

By: Ultimate1069.com/Ghana/106.9FM