Bank of Ghana gets Liquidator for DKM Assets

The Bank of Ghana (BoG) has finally settled on one Jemima Oware as a liquidator for DKM Diamond Microfinance properties.

The liquidation of assets of the company became imperative after failure by management to refund deposits and accrued interests of aggrieved customers numbering several thousands.

Read Full Details of Notice Below :

Take notice that an official liquidator has been appointed to see through the liquidation of DKM. The Liquidator has served notice to creditors to lodge their claims with her with better proof. Be informed that by law this is a notice to the whole world and all unpaid customers must act accordingly within the alloted time from now to before or on 11th May 2016. The legal effect is that customers of DKM who fail to lodge their interest or claims with the Liquidator will have lost any interest thereof after the period has expired. So my simple advice to all of us the affected clients is that let’s share the information across every network to ensure that we all lodge our claims. Please make a colour photocopy of the original deposit sheet before you submit it to the named Liquidator and no other person or agent unless the liquidator expressly provides for that. After this period if your interest was not reported to the Liquidator you will be automatically written off. Is a matter of law not appeal to conscience or emotions. Also take note that this is a distress liquidation and we might not get all our savings. It is our duty to also tell the Liquidator hidden assets of the company, etc to ensure that she gets enough funds to settle us.
The liquidator for DKM is Jemima Oware of registrar general office, kindly contact them before 11th may else u have no business with DKM. Remember to Make colour copy of your deposit slip before u submit it.

Greater Accra Region
Registrar General’s Department
P.O.Box 118Accra
Tel: +233 302 664691-93
Fax: +233 302 662043

Ashanti Region
Registrar General’s Department – Kumasi
Opposite Hotel Gandolfo Asafo PMB, Kumasi
Tel: +233 322083151 / 322042152

Western Region
Registrar General’s Department – Secondi
MinistriesP.O.Box 251Secondi
Tel: +233 31248258
Fax: +233 312 48258

Northern Region
Male Regional Office
Tel: 0372023715

The Head, Public Complaint Unit
P.O.Box M49 Ministries, Accra
Tel: +233 302 665421 Ext 2324

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