Cassava scarcity hits Dunkwa

Cassava shortage has hit Dunkwa-Offin and other part of the Central Region making it difficult for traders and consumers to get hold of cassava for food preparation.
Efforts by traders to hunt for cassava in the various villages have proved futile.
The situation has compelled traders in surrounding villages such as Dunkwa, Denkyira Obuasi and Agona pot to inflate the prices of the few cassava that are available for sale in the area.
In an interview with a Freelance Journalist in the area, Gabriel Bediako, some traders indicated that it has become waste of time and resources moving from town to town in search of cassava to sell.
Some consumers accused traders of taken undue advantage of the situation by increasing the prices of cassava.
They added that they hardly get cassava to buy to prepare their usual fufu.
Even price of dried cassava ‘Konkonte’, considered as the ‘cheapest’ food has also gone up. 
Corn dough, starch, flour are produced from cassava.
Agriculturalists have attributed cassava and other farm losses to the change in weather patterns.
Cassava is an extremely resilient crop which performs well on marginal lands and is estimated to be cultivated by 90% of the farming population in Ghana.