NRSC to educate Journalists on road safety techniques

The Ashanti Regional Manager for the National Road and Safety Commission (NRSC) Engineer Samuel Asiamah has disclosed that his outfit is planning an educational workshop for Journalists in the Ashanti Region.

He stated that several Journalists has little knowledge on the roles of the various stakeholders of road safety and hence commit errors in the quest to undertaking their duties.

‘We are hoping that by the end of the second quarter of this year 2016 that training programme should come on.  It’s a training programme for media men, the media play a very critical role when it comes to road safety and we think we need to educate or we need to sensitize the media men on how they report on some road safety terminologies so that it helps them report on road safety messages,’ he explained.

In an interview with Ultimate News’ Solomon Appiah Kubi, added that the workshop seeks to also strengthen the relationship the NRSC has with the media.

 ‘And this also builds a good relationship between the commission, its stakeholders and the media. Let’s say there’s an issue of a bad road for example sometimes the media man does not know which institutions to report to. How would you know its highways, FIDA roads, or road safety so you find out asking the wrong person for the answers and then that might not help in solving the solution that you want.

Sometimes you have media men waiting till maybe an accident happen where we say its news worthy. But we want media men to be more proactive, we want media men to get involved in activity and say no this thing is something that can cause an accident so let me investigate and get solutions and inform the public on what is going on,’ he stated.