EIB Election Hub: Its embarrassing, Dr. Zanetor has not voted before-Boboobi

The Communication Director of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Ashanti Region Godwin Boboobi has flayed the former first family, accusing them of playing indifferent to the course of Ghana.

This follows yesterday Thursday’s first time registration of Dr. Zanetor Rawlings suggesting she has never voted in the country before.

According to Boboobi, the development is an insult to party foot soldiers especially as she is standing on the parliamentary ticket of the party in the Klotey Korle constituency.

Dr. Zanetor Rawlings is battling a contest on her parliamentary candidacy in the Supreme Court after being challenged on her voter status.

The NDC Communication Director blamed J.J Rawlings and Nana Kondau Agyeman Rawlings for refusing to ensure that their daughter register and vote in past general elections organised by the Electoral Commission (EC).

Speaking on Ultimate Fact File hosted by Julius Caesar Anadem, Boboobi expressed disappointment in the former first family for not involving their children in national issues.

 ‘Former President Rawlings to Chairman Rawlings and Zanetor Rawlings has not voted in our elections before. That is embarrassing, very sad, I’m deeply embarrassed that the first daughter of our founder, and you have grass roots people going through thick and thin in the rain and she hasn’t registered and voted before. Meanwhile every single vote counts. Nana Agyeman Rawlings is a disappointment. The woman is always at home attending to kids. I’m sure she was checking on the kids going to school and parties here and there and she wasn’t concerned about the kids who were of age to register to vote. How many times didn’t she take them to parties,  games, how many times didn’t she plan treats for them abroad?

I’m deeply embarrassed that Zanetor at her age hasn’t voted in our elections before. Taking into account the pains and toils ordinary grass roots people of our party go through in order to make sure we kept them in power,’ he asserted.

By: Ultimate1069.com/Ghana/106.9FM