EIB Election Hub: Limited Registration Exercise: Low turnout in Sissala West

The first day of the limited registration exercise by Electoral Commission (EC) in the Sissala West Constituency witnessed a low turnout in all centers visited by Ultimate News’ Musah Lansah.
According to Musah Lansah his visit to Fielimua, Kupulima, Kwala, ,Buro, Faachu, Gwollu and Pulima saw very few people coming out to register.
Officials of the EC who spoke to him bemoaned the development and asked that more be done to increase awareness on the exercise so that more first time voters will get the chance to register.
Chief Executive of the Sissala West Assembly Bukari Dramani who also visited the registration centers was not happy with the development and promised to ensure that people turn up for today Friday’s registration.
He said he will cause announcements to be made in the mosques and other places to create awareness.
He said,” I think we will have to make announcement in the mosques and schools to ensure that more people get the chance to register”.
As at 3:pm when Musah Lansah ended his tour of the registration centers only 64 persons had registered in the constituency.
By: Ultimate1069.com/Ghana/106.9FM