EIB Election Hub to Deliver Hope in the midst of Despair-Bola Ray

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of EIB Network Kwabena Anokye Adisi has disclosed the emergence of the #EIB ELECTION HUB is aimed at providing hope to news enthusiasts as the country races into the November 7 polls.

Though the EIB Network is new in the media landscape, he disclosed that it is a force to reckon with and therefore had to take this decision to ensure that the citizenry are given unbiased news bulletin prior, during and after the November 7, 2016 polls.

Speaking at the Launch of the #EIB ELECTION HUB in Kumasi, he observed that stakes are high in the wake of the raging debates, engagements and rhetoric but promised EIB Network will deliver on its promise of giving the best among the rest in the coverage of the November 7 polls.

 It is for this reason he indicated, the decision was arrived at to bring all EIB media platforms to Kumasi for the launch.

“We will function with the guiding principles of fairness, professionalism and balanced reportage and as well give extensive series of programmes and engagements”, he stated.

According to him,  these  are the values the EIB Network has decided to hold, admitting that the there’s no denying the fact that the stakes are high but reiterated network’s resolve to deliver light over darkness.

By: Ghana/Ultimate1069.com/106.9fm