NDC to Sanction ‘Loud Mouth” Constituency Organizer

The Northern Regional National Democratic Congress (NDC) executives have given a strong indication they will sanction the deputy organizer of the Savelugu Constituency, Abdul Rauf Abubakari for making “shocking and surprising” comments that suggest the party will lose the upcoming election in the region

The party said the comments are “false, shocking and surprising “and has caused psychological stress to its members outside the region

The deputy constituency organizer is reported to have told the media that the party leadership in the Northern Region has lost touch with the grassroots and that could cause it to lose the November polls

Mr. Rauf Abubakari also reportedly accused government representatives in the region of sheer indifference to the plight of party supporters and said the presidency was imposing DCEs on the people without consultations.

But Northern Regional Secretary of the Party, Lawyer Rauf Halid said the comments by the deputy organizer are baseless and have compromised certain provisions of the party constitution.

Lawyer Rauf hinted that regional executives would suspend the deputy organizer before inviting him to appear before them to answer queries for his comments

“We are really very surprised and shocked that for a constituency deputy organizer  to be churning out false statement at this crucial part of the election and we have referred the matter to the regional executive committee; We have also seen the statement he has made as statement that has compromised certain provisions of our party constitution and the party will suspend him and get him to come and explain what he meant by the president is not in charge with the people in the region and the bases for him to say that”

The Regional Secretary said the comments by the deputy organizer were “figment of his own imagination” and urged party supporters to ignore the comments.
According to him the deputy organizer resides in Accra and not in the constituency and therefore cannot be right when he speaks about happenings in the  Savelugu constituency and the Northern region in general

By: Ghana/Ultimate1069.com/ Eliasu Tanko/106.9fm