Man cheated on by wife 2 months after paying Bride Price

A 25-YEAR-OLD has revealed to a court that he was cheated by his wife two months after seeking for her hand in marriage by buying the required bride price.

Terrence Zinyemba’s marriage with Yeukai James collapsed two months after their marriage over infidelity issues.

This came to light at Chitungwiza magistrate court where Yeukai was claiming US$150 as maintenance for the upkeep of their minor child.

“I have not received a divorce token from her neither have I given it to her.

“It is true that I have not been looking after the child because I was not aware of where she was staying.

“We parted ways three months after I paid for her lobola when I found out she was having an affair with another man.

“Since then I never got the opportunity to talk to her and I only knew where she is now staying when I received summons,” said Terrence.

On the US$150 that Yeukai was claiming, Terrence said he was in a position to pay US$50 per month.

“I can only pay US$50 at the moment; anything above that would put me in a desperate position.

“I work at a clothing shop and we have been getting bus fare alone, our salaries have not been coming,” said Yeukai.

The presiding magistrate ordered Terrence to pay US$70 per month with effect from May 31.

Source-H Metro