Cheating MP’s wife caught pants down in the bush

PHOTOS of wife to a named Member of Parliament (MP) playing the ‘hide your sausage in my honey pot’ game in the bush have been leaked on social media.

 The promiscuous yellow boned wife was caught in the company of a soldier who is deployed in the city. It was reported that the newly wedded wife got the shock of her life when she and her lover decided to have some quality time in the confines of the bushes. However, the trees might have tipped one sharp-eyed gentleman who went to investigate and behold, the two had their pants down.

The startled couple tried to negotiate with the gentleman who had caught them. The soldier even tried to use his physical training but was overpowered and tied to a tree. Seeing no escape to the humiliation, the MP’s wife offered the man a round in exchange for silence.

“She wanted me to bonk her while the soldier looked’ reported the ‘poker-buster’ , ‘But I refused. I am a man of God’

People passing by heard the fracas and went to investigate and only when did one of them recognised the woman. “At first she refused she was married to the member of parliament but when we checked her phone, it proved true’

It is reported some photos of the lady with the man were sent to the MP via WhatsApp but the reply shocked everyone.

Apparently the MP replied with , ‘Come home, let us talk about it”

Source : iMzansi