North Korea holds rally to mark end of party congress

Hundreds of thousands of North Koreans have joined a rally marking the end of the Workers’ Party Congress, the first in 36 years.

The congress cemented the position of leader Kim Jong-un, elevating him to the role of party chairman.

On Tuesday, state media announced that Mr Kim’ sister, Kim Yo-jong, had been elected to the ruling committee.

The Congress also endorsed the national policy of building nuclear capability alongside economic development.

On Monday, three BBC journalists were expelled from the country for reporting which had angered the authorities.

Correspondent Rupert Wingfield-Hayes was detained on Friday and interrogated for eight hours, before being made to sign a statement of apology. He and his colleagues left on Monday.

The BBC said it was disappointed by North Korea’s decision.

At the rally in Pyongyang on Tuesday, Mr Kim was seen waving to the crowds and chatting with military and party officials.

Hundreds of thousands of people marched through the square waving pink paper flowers, coloured balloons and red party flags. Floats were also moved through the square, some of them carrying mock-ups of missiles.