Former Miss Malaika Justifies Showing her Breasts at VGMA 2016

Former Miss Malaika winner Hamamat Montia, has justified her decision to wear the controversial dress which generated public outcry during the 2016 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMAs).

The dress exposed the breasts of the model with sections of the public calling for her head but she indicates that her mode of dressing showed she has confidence and strength

 “You can look at nudity in different ways; you can look at it as strength and confidence or you can look at it [and say]: ‘Awww that’s nasty!’ I don’t think it’s nasty; a human body is not nasty. And if somebody is strong enough to show a part of them that has not been covered, for me that am confidence and that should be seen as art.

“[…] every situation has a negative and a positive, so, if what we are good at is focusing on the negative, then we shouldn’t complain about where we are,” she told Joy News.

By: Ghana/ / 106.9fm