Prisoner swallows mobile phone, needs surgery

A prisoner in Ireland shocked doctors after he was taken to the emergency room after claiming he had swallowed a mobile phone.

An X-ray showed the phone in the man’s stomach, but after waiting 18 hours for the phone to move down the digestive canal, the doctors noticed that it was at the same spot in the man’s stomach.

The doctors then decided to remove the phone by pulling it through the esophagus but were unable to align it well enough to pull it.

The man ended up needing surgery to remove the phone.

In their report that was published online April 1 in the International Journal of Surgery Case Reports, the doctors said: “an ingested mobile phone in the stomach may not be amenable for safe removal using the current endoscopic retrieval devices.”

Following the bizarre incident, the doctors concluded that there was need “to create or improve on existing retrieval devices,” so that a device like a cellphone could be properly aligned and removed from the stomach without surgery.

This was the first reported case of a person swallowing a mobile phone that actually ended up in the stomach.