7 Things To Do On Broke Weekends

You are broke. It is the weekend. You wished you saved more for emergencies. We have all been there, wish that.

Since we know we are probably going to find ourselves in the same situation sooner rather than later, we anticipated an emergency list of satisfying things to do when money is scarce.

1. Bake Your Own Pizza

Bake your own pizza this weekend

Do you know anybody does not like pizza? Surprise family and friends by making your own crust. It is fun, it is impressive, and it is cheap. With some flour, eggs and lots of dough massaging you can bake a delicious crust in less than half and hour.

To save even further, use leftovers as toppings to create a unique, “Made in You”, pizza. There is bad news to this idea though. Once you go home made, you wont go back to pre baked. The taste is so unique and the feeling of eating something you actually created is satisfying to the max.

2. Write A Message In A Bottle

Write a message in a bottle this weekend

This is a personal recommendation. Two years ago my husband and I were on a cruise ship in the Bahamas when we decided to write a short message for our children and put it inside a wine bottle that we tossed overboard. Two years later, we received a message from a woman in Scotland that found the bottle and had searched for us based on the back of the message (a restaurant bill). It was a great surprise for her, and for us. Magic.

If you don’t live near the ocean do it on a river, a pond, who knows where the bottle will travel and who will find it. If it made it from the Bahamas to Scotland it can make it anywhere!

3. Clean Up Your ClosetWeekend
Ask Eminem is cleaning up your closet is fun. It is not fun until you get to it. Once in, you really get into it. We all tend to keep and store clothing and things we do not use until our closets can’t fit anything else. People who never have “anything to wear” tend to be the messy people with too many clothes. They get lost in a sea of pieces they no longer want instead of the few that they do.

Cleaning out your closets will give you such a satisfying sense when you are done, not to mention a clear view of your outfit status and some extra money if you do a yard sale with the unused items.

4. Help And Elder

Help the elderly

Helping the elderly is not a charity event. It is actually an amazing learning experience. Search for an elder that is lonely or needs help. You can do so by asking friends or checking into the community center. Help them and listen.

Their stories and experiences will enlighten you until you feel like this activity was a gift for you, not them.

5. Homemade Spa Day

Facial mask

You can pamper yourself even when money is tight. It takes a quick research on the web to find facials, moisturizing baths and hair masks with ingredients that most of us have at home.

Orange juice as a vitamin C serum, brown sugar and honey for a natural scrub, oatmeal for a relaxing bath, yogurt or avocado for a conditioning hair mask. You name it.

6. Create Your Own Film Festival


Call up a group of movie loving friends and ask them to come over and bring their favorite movie. Call it a “Friends Film Festival”. All you have to do is buy popcorn. Maybe not even. If they ask you what to bring, voice it! One can bring wine, another the popcorn, another dessert and you will make the pizza.

You can do this every weekend if you pick genres: scary, comedy, romance, etc.

7. Take A Nap

Beautiful woman sleeping
Beautiful woman sleeping

If none of the above suit your personality that is totally okey. TAKE A NAP! We tend to complain about how tired we are during the week and when we have a chance to rest we don’t do so.

This is the time to really spoil yourself to a good, long, quiet, turn-off-your-phone nap. Enjoy!