Auction Air-condition, Ceiling Fans & Vehicles in Ministries-Dr.Think Twice

A Socio-cultural Revolutionist, Ernest Birme .aka. Dr. Think Twice is urging government  to as a matter of urgency remove all air conditions and ceiling fans from the various Ministries, Departments and Agencies  including the Flag staff House and replace them with handy fans.

He suggested that air condition cars used by Ministers, Parliamentarians, Chief Directors and others be auctioned and replaced with bicycles or join public transport.

He believes this will help to avoid nationwide demonstration by the youth.

‘The proceeds from the sale of these facilities should be channelled to the development of street children. At least within a month, the auction must begin to avoid nationwide demonstration against these mentioned departments,’ he said. 

According to him, of these logistics given to the Ministries, they still under-perform.

“They are there, using all these facilities still under performing to society expectations. It started since the creation of the Ghanaian society. Nothing better comes from them, except frustrating the systems. We have Ministry of this and that, Department of that and this, mention them. With all these facilities yet the under perform. 

All vehicles should be taken away from these Ministries including the aforementioned departments including Chief Directors, Accountants/Bursars,and Parliamentarians. Everyone must join the normal public transport,” he suggested. 

He made these remarks during an interaction with market women and students at Adum, Kumasi on his campaign tour against negative societal pressures which is confronting the youth.

“Performance rating is very appalling, something is really wrong with the brains of the humans in these offices. Since air-conditions, ceiling fans and good vehicles were given to them, they still under perform to date. Why don’t we change, by getting ride off these facilities and replace them,” he fumed.

He wondered if the various departments are adding value to national development.

‘Society should sit back and recollect the frustrations they encounter from these persons within these ministries and others. Ministry of Works, Housing and Water Resource, Finance, Local Government, Passport Office, Interior, Energy, Education, Environment, Science and Technology, Ministry of Justice and Attorney General Department, Health, mention them. Are they enhancing the development of society to satisfaction?’  he questioned.