ECG Is Killing Our Businesses-Corn Mill Operators Cry Out

Some Corn Mill Operators in Dunkwa Offin and its surrounding villages of the Central Region are lamenting over the current outrageous tariffs billing by the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), saying their businesses are on the verge of collapsing.
According to them, they are charged huge tariffs as compared to last year 2015.
A Freelance Journalist in the area, Gabriel Bediako reports that the previous payment of their monthly bills which stood around GHC400 to 700, has been shot up to  GHC2,000.
They expressed worry that they are not only burdened with over billing of tariffs by ECG but the prices of spare parts have also sky-rocketed making it difficult to run their businesses.
‘Looking at the economic hardship in the country, we are constrained to charge our customers exorbitant prices which is not right, when we do this our customers complain, besides how much at all can we charge a bucket of maize or even tomatoes,’ Joseph Badu, one of the operators, laments.
They are therefore appealing to the ECG and government to as a matter of urgency solve the error in their billing systems.
By: Ghana/