Man crashes car into haulage truck after testing HIV+

A GWANDA based gold dealer reportedly committed suicide by ramming his car onto an oncoming haulage truck 10km outside the Matebeleland South town on Monday morning.


Firefighters reportedly took several hours to retrieve his body from the mangled wreckage of his vehicle.

The man (name withheld) was reportedly diagnosed with HIV in recent months and family members said his health had recently deteriorated.

Police confirmed the accident which involved a Toyota Mark II and a haulage truck.

Relatives who spoke on condition of anonymity said the deceased called his brother telling him he was not well and was going to take his life.

“He was not feeling well for a long time with stomach aches and recently visited a prophet but his condition got worse.

“He had been diagnosed with HIV but it seems he was still in the denial stage, it’s sad he decided to take his life in such a bizarre way,” said a relative.

Source-New Zimbabwe