I’m In Love With A Married Man

I’m 25 years old, I met this guy online via chatting and before i knew, we met and we fell deeply in love.This guy is irresistible when we met and i never prayed for something more, because he was so caring, lovely and loving, not only that he is so tall and handsome as i have always prayed for.

After a month we knew each other better and every minute i rang him up, he later told me and revealed to me everything about him, because he is not the flamboyant type of guy, i hardly notice that he is loaded.
At age 33 he has a lot of properties and work with a Ministry in Lagos, seconded employment with one int’l institution, he got me int’l passport and took me out of Nigeria shore for the first time in my life. I am from an average family and I’m not easily moved with material things, I’m a working class lady earning moderate salary and living well, i had a relationship before him but not a stable one.

He later revealed to me that he has something to tell me that might tear us apart, i made up my mind since it would not lead to my death, i bet i have reached my bus stop, because he is also in love with me. What a perfect match!. Until the day he bursted it out that he is married with kids and he was sweating and breathing so restlessly, waiting for me to breakup with him, i reassured him i will still love him at that, he explained he impregnated the girl and his family forced him to marry the girl…in short, three kids, two boys and a girl from the woman,(first boy and a twins).

I almost fainted, but pretended as if all is well, at least he still managed to tell me to let me decide to continue or not. We both continued and this month make our 6th month and he is already talking about our marriage, he tried divorcing the first wife, but get warned to let her be to make peace reign, i noticed he loves me so much and also loves his children too well too. He is traveling out soon to study for his PH.D. He wants me to get pregnant for him and do the needful with my family and declare his intentions of taking me as his second wife to his first wife and family…But at this stage i have doubting mind maybe i’m ready to go on or not..i don’t feel like ruining the woman’s home, and i don’t feel like losing this my sweet love, he is not forcing me and he wants me to decide for myself….

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