I won’t react to little boys and girls attributing me to quotes – Mugabe

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has said he is unperturbed by some funny quotes attributed to him, and making rounds on social media platforms, particularly in Ghana.

The veteran politician has recently become the butt of jokes in the West African country as Whatsapp platforms are awash with facetious assertions purportedly coming from him. The nonagenarian has stressed he will not react to those hilarious comments because he is above that.

Among the popular flippant quotes circulating on Whatsapp platforms include:

“If Ghanaians were smart, they would have moved the Akosombo Dam to Circle,” Mugabe, live on Peace FM.

“Even Satan was not gay, he chose to approach naked Eve instead of naked Adam,” Mugabe.

“And to those of you who do not actually go to church but watch it on TV, you will not actually go to Heaven, but you will be allowed to watch it on TV! – Robert Mugabe

“Simbox fraud two years… goat thief seven years… whatever you want to do in life go to school first,” Robert Mugabe 2016.

The Zimbawean High commissioner to Ghana Mrs. Pavelyn Tenclai Musaka said her 92-year-old president is aware of the fake quotes, but will not respond to those trivial pronouncements.

“I don’t get worried,” Musaka told Accra-based Joy FM. “What actually strikes me is that I get surprised this is actually coming from African journalists. As far as I’m concerned if Africans don’t respect another African head of state, I don’t know who else will respect him.”

She opined: “I will engage the Ghanaian and African media to start respecting their own. Charity begins at home. The leaders in this job are the media and they can correct it.”

Musaka pointed out that Africa’s longest serving president will not “react to little boys and girls” because he is a “statesman.”

However, she mentioned the ZANU–PF leader “is not offended” because he is “above that… He is there to fight giants like the Tony Blairs of this world and not those little boys and girls.”