I will stop bleaching after election 2016 – Bukom Banku

Bukom Banku’s bleaching ‘spree’ will come to an end in six months, the boxer has revealed.

Banku told Jay Foley and Jeremie during an interview on Live Breakfast Club on Live FM Tuesday morning that he plans to quit bleaching once President John Mahama wins a second term as the president of Ghana.

“Ghana people go talk that make I stop the bleaching. I will stop but after the elections. I beg all the Ghanaians to leave me for six months. I will stop bleaching for us because I’m the Ghana.”

He also disclosed that he will be appointed the Ghanaian Ambassador to Germany upon the Mahama’s win – one of the reasons which influenced his decision to bleach.

“I dey bleaching myself because when Oluman (referring to President John Mahama) wins election, he go give me ambassador for Germany. I dey bleaching myself, me and German people are make white white. I don’t want to use Black to go Germany,” He claimed.

“Is not Mahama promising me. Me when I dream it’s coming on. Me I proof that Mahama e go be president one day. It come on because the time I know Mahama, is not a president, is a vice president because I love the man and tdey respect the man and he come to the president. So Mahama cannot leave me.”

Banku also spoke his life growing up, why he decided to become a boxer, his relationship with fellow Boxer Ayitey Powers, his support for President John Mahama and the National Democratic Congress (NDC), amongst other issues.