GITMO 2: Govt Wants Request for Diplomatic Agreement Denied

The Solicitor General (SG) of the Republic of Ghana Hellen Ziwu is praying a five member Supreme Court chaired by William Atuguba not to grant the request of two applicants seeking a release of the diplomatic agreement reached between Ghana and the United States that led to the admitting of the two Gitmo detainees into Ghana for a two year stay.
The Solicitor General says the agreement was a (nonverbal) and that the disclosure of its contents will be prejudicial to the security of the State and injurious to the public interest.
The SG’s argument is primarily based on Article 135 of the 1992 constitution.
She argues that the agreement reached between Ghana and the United States did not fall under those agreements that require parliamentary ratification thus, any attempt to make the note verbal agreement public will be an error and dangerous.
Ultimate News’ Wilberforce Asare reports that the Supreme Court is yet to reach a decision or set a date for its ruling.
By: Ghana/