Wimbledon Security Ramped Up Over Terror Fears

Unprecedented security is planned for the tournament in light of the UK’s terror level, including extensive body and bag searches.

There will be “more security than ever before” at Wimbledon this year, with armed police to have a visible presence throughout the tennis tournament.

The All England Club is warning spectators can expect “extensive searches” of bags and bodies when they enter the grounds and show courts.

Visitors are also being urged to check the Wimbledon website before they travel to the tournament, but organisers say the added security measures are “comprehensive and proportionate with the threat level in the UK”.

A spokesman for the All England Club added: “The level of security and policing is commensurate with the threat and multi-layered, and it has been heightened as you would expect with everything that has been going on.”

The security arrangements have been closely co-ordinated with the Metropolitan Police, who said: “A range of tactics will be put in place, some highly visible and some that the public will not notice and that includes a dedicated deployment of armed officers.

“Armed officers have supported the policing operation in previous years, but this year will see them deployed in a different way.”


The unprecedented operation follows high-level security at other major sporting events around the world, triggered in part by recent terror attacks in France and Belgium over the past year.

Some 90,000 police and security officials have been on duty for Euro 2016 in France.

Earlier this month, Sky News revealed how hundreds of undercover officers had been given last-minute assault rifle training in a bid to keep the football tournament safe.

Last weekend, three Belgian men were charged with terrorism offences and were reportedly planning to attack public areas where fans were gathering to watch the country’s match with Ireland.

Source: Skynews.com