Ford Car Gift: Mahama Used for 2012 Campaigns-Sir John

The Former General Secretary of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie alias Sir John is alleging  that the President John Dramani Mahama used the infamous Ford  Expedition car gift he received from a Burkinabe contractor for his  2012 campaigns.

According to him, the vehicle was registered in the President’s name.

‘That was the car he used in his 2012 campaigns, that was the vehicle he sat in, and his children have also been seen using the vehicle, do you trust this president, I don’t trust him, Ghanaians don’t trust him, he does not walk the talk, he lacks credibility, he takes the car and register in his name, let him come and tell us whose name the car was registered in, why did he pay duty on the car,’ he challenged.

The president has received backlash from the public  especially members of the opposition NPP for the Ford gift by the Burkinabe after a contract of construction of a fence wall at Ghana’s embassy in Burkina Faso was awarded to him.

He wondered why the president allegedly took ‘kick-backs’ before awarding the contract, expressing disappointment in the John Mahama led NDC administration.

He claimed the president showered praises on the Burkinabe contractor describing him as the ‘best contractor in the world, calling on Ghanaian contractors to emulate his shining examples’.

‘Two weeks down the lane, all the roads are gone, its left with pot holes, and you believe in this president, why was he praising this man to the high heavens, what was in it, what has he gotten out of that, a man you are giving contract to and a car follows, tribute follows, why was he praising him like that, is it not an indictment on Ghanaian contractors.

The bribe that this man gave to him has influenced him, he knows its was a bribe, NDC people said the President is not involved and Omane Boamah talked nonesense. They are not helping the presidency, John is my friend but I regret that they are not helping him to think clearly about this matter.

Whether the wall was constructed with gold bars, its not my problem, but immediately after the wall was constructed, when this matter surfaced, the president secretly went to register the car. In whose name was it registered?, why were they rushing to register the car. They are saying the car is in the pool and it was even a second hand car, what did they mean by that”, he asked.

Speaking on Ultimate breakfast show hosted by Lantam Papanko,  he called on the president to apologise to Ghanaians for bringing the country’s name into disrepute.

‘I don’t know but he is the most incompetent and corrupt president that this country has ever had, and I regret to say that Ghanaians deserved better, this is not a president the  Ghanaians had hoped for. And so it seems to be that you have a President who is so corrupt, wherever he goes, there is something fishy and funny, midnight about him, in terms of his dealings, am not happy to be governed under this President,  and so for me, if you ask me, if this is what Ghanaians asked for and paid for. I am afraid to say no, Ghanaians deserve better, a better president,’ he appealed.

By: Ghana/ Osei