Harpers pays the price for indecent pictures

Dancers Association of Zimbabwe ‘harpers Mapimhidze, who hit headlines after his ‘romantic’ pictures with dancer Jestina  leaked, will tomorrow Sunday pay a  fine to his in-laws.

The remorseful Mapimhidze was fined US$200 and two goats for the embarrassment and humiliation he caused and he says he compiled to save his marriage.

 “I was really caught offside following the publication of those pictures in H-Metro my brother. I don’t know what had gotten into me; that was totally unacceptable and I still feel ashamed even though my in-laws and my wife have forgiven me,” said Mapimhidze.

The Sexy Angels manager said he complied with the fine for the good of his marriage.

“I had no option but to do the correct thing by complying with their demands to save my marriage. I really love my wife (Terisa Kabaya) and I can swear it won’t happen again. I was humiliated and embarrassed when those pictures were published. I had no defence whatsoever but I was simply caught offside. Following that experience, I urge my friends to be faithful to their wives to save their marriages”.

Mapimhidze’s shenanigans worsened when he also bragged that Jestina was still his wife.

Source-H metro