Prez Mahama Loves American Prisoners than American Cars-CPP Communicator

The Convention Peoples’ Party Communicator Kofi Acquah has lashed out at the President John Dramani Mahama for stating that he does not like Ford cars manufactured by Americans.

He wondered why the President prefers American prisoners (GITMO 2) to American cars.

Contrary to reports that the President collected Ford expedition from a Burkinabe before awarding a contract to him, he stated that he likes Japan cars.

Acquah accused the President of playing double standards when he advised his Ministers not to accept bribes in any form.

‘President Mahama said indeed his not a fan of American cars, Ford cars, and because of that he cannot be tagged as collected bribe, has he returned the car, the man doesn’t like the car but he still have the car, secondly, we have a president  who doesn’t like American cars but like American prisons, remember the GITMO 2, the president like prisoners, we are not children here, this sort of joke and fun that the president seems to be creating is not fun, the president set himself some code of conduct when he took his own Ministers and Deputy ministers to Senchi. The president plays double standard,’ he asserted.

He claimed the President insulted Ghanaians when he said they should file a suit against him, if they think he has taken bribe.

Speaking on Ultimate Fact File hosted by Julius Caesar Anadem, Mr. Acquah described the president as ‘greedy’.

‘He insulted Ghanaians when he said they should take him to court. And he added that he was not insulting his opponents. We both know it’s enshrined in the constitution, per the indemnity clause, if the president does something wrong, you can’t take the president to court, he knows it, he was insulting us. And I think it’s very unfortunate. You have wronged us a president, we have given you everything there is to give you.

Instead of you coming down and telling Ghanaians that you are sorry, and how greedy you have been, the country has given the president fleet of cars and yet he went ahead to collect this Ford car. Which according to him he is not using, if you are not using the ford and he still has it, that makes him greedy,’ he said.

By: Ghana/ Osei