Poultry Farmers Association hints of sacking Workers

The National Association of Poultry Farmers is hinting of laying off thousands of its workers if the country continues to import chicken.

The Association lamented that due to the importation of foreign chicken, their businesses are gravely being affected.

Disclosing this on Ultimate breakfast show hosted by Lantam Papanko, the Chairman of National Association of Poultry Farmers Victor Oppong Agyei said lots of people depend on them for their livelihoods but they might be forced to lay them (workers) off to avoid bankruptcy.

He said they are only producing at a lower rate and that keeping a larger number of workers will be detrimental to the sustenance of their businesses.

‘You know the poultry is employing lots of people and if it’s not there, it means we have to sack all of them.

It’s going to create unemployment in the country. So I will tell you that poultry is going down,  and it’s very drastic, it’s very bad, the rate is very bad,  and it’s about time that we do something about it,’ he suggested.

He called on government and industry players to revamp the ailing poultry industry to avert the situation.


By: Ghana/Ultimatefmonline.com/106.9fm