Bunkprugu: No candidate for NDC-disappointed aspirant vows

A failed National Democratic Congress (NDC) Parliamentary Aspirant for the Bunkprugu constituency in the Northern Region, Mr. Nanburi Derrick has vowed to ensure the party does not file a candidate for the upcoming November Polls unless his disqualification is overturned.
The former MP for the area took the party to court challenging the decision by the National Executive of Committee (NEC) to drop his name from the list of qualified aspirants to contest in the ended primaries for allegedly joining Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings led National Democratic Party (NDP).
Mr. Derrick prayed the court to prevent the NDC from holding a parliamentary primary in constituency of which a Tamale High Court presided over by His Lordship Charles  Gyamfi Danquah granted and placed an indefinite injunction on the process.
The Court on January 8, 2016 also directed that the plaintiff be allowed to take part in the process after the accused failed in an open court to substantiate or defend the allegation upon which it disqualified him.
His Lordship Gyamfi in the last part of the ruling stated “I am not sure any amount of compensation that would be enough to exclude the plaintiff from contesting the election”
However, five months after the judge’s explicit instruction, the party has acted the opposite.
Ultimate News gathered that the party which failed to present a witness to testify against the plaintiff is attempting to file a motion seeking the trial of the case.
According to Mr. Derrick, the Northern Regional Secretary of the party Lawyer Rauf Halid, called the Bunkprugu constituency chairman and deceived him to agree to appear before the court to testify that indeed he joined NDP.
“The court ruled in my favour since the 8th and that in the ruling they should put my name there and the court would lift the injunction; right now it is the court that is holding the injunction other than that if they have any other things to prove otherwise then they should come back but whatever submission they made they failed in the court; so they have been reluctant on that matter and this is why it is dragging”.
Angered Nanburik described the regional scribe as “selfish minded individual” and said he should be blamed if the NDC fails to file a candidate in the constituency going into the 2016 elections and must be held responsible for any trouble within the party in the region.
“Its Rauf who is destroying the party. I don’t fear to say that.  The regional secretary talk to him; he called my constituency chairman and prevail the chairman to go to the court to say that he can testify that I am not a party man.
The matter was concluding so if you go and say you can testify it means you want the case to go to trial and when the case go to trial we are not going to have a candidate because we can’t dictate to the court when they should hear our case”, the failed aspirant fumed.
The Bunkpurugu Constituency remains the only constituency in the Northern Region that is yet to conduct its primary to select a parliamentary candidate for the 2016 elections because of a long-standing legal tussle.
By: Ghana/Ultimatefmonline.com/106.9fm/Eliasu Tanko