Lawyers need to protect the weak in society-Barrister

A Legal Practitioner Dinah Adu Danquah has called on legal practitioners in the country to protect the vulnerable in society.

She charged members of the Ghana Bar Association (GBA) to  stand for the truth no matter the intimidation that will come their way.

According to her, the 1992 constitution is their weapon in the discharge of their duties.

 ‘If there is a lesson that we have learnt as a body of lawyers, we have learnt that we still need to stand for the truth and protect the weak in society and that is our work, so no matter what it is, we really we need to stand for the truth because if we don’t speak the truth, we know the law, if someone is violating the law so we are to protect the citizenry or who else will do that?

No matter how much someone will try to intimidate you, you still need to stand for the truth as a lawyer, as a judge stand for what the constitution says it should be,’ she said.

She believes the constitution has empowered lawyers to practice freely.

‘I feel safe because the constitution is still working and the democratic dispensation in Ghana has really advanced and we really understand what democracy is so I can speak my mind freely as the constitution gives me the right to so I will say that nobody hinders me to practice as a lawyer because I know the law and fortunately and luckily enough we don’t have any unseen power that is restricting the practice of law in Ghana as compared to those days, so the constitution of 1992 has empowered us to really practice freely,’ she indicated.

Speaking on Ultimate breakfast show hosted by Lantam Papanko, she expressed satisfaction that democracy works in Ghana now and the citizenry are able to express themselves freely as compared to years back.

By: Ghana/ Osei