Jusbro Petroleum hands over 3 bedroom house to Ultimate fm’s Blind Family Project

In yet another of testimonies about radio getting results; the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a burgeoning Oil Marketing company, Jusbro Petroleum, Justice Brobbey over the weekend, handed over a three bedroom house to a blind family in Kumawu Bodomase in the Sekyere Kumawu district in the Ashanti Region.

The story of this family of eight was a sad one when Ultimate News’ Joseph Oppong Brenya paid a visit to Bodomase close to Kumawu in the region.

Their mother; Hagar Agyare otherwise called Maame Abena Kokua a poor subsistence farmer was abandoned by her husband to take care of six children; five of whom had gone totally blind.

Five of the children Kofi Poku, Kwarkye Joseph, Mary Oduro, Solomon Adjei, Comfort Oduro, Dorcas Oduro except for Dorcas who was born blind, went blind later after birth.

Their mother who still cannot fathom the condition that led to the blindness of her children had to do everything for these blind children from farming to cater for them; fetching water and cooking despite her age and frailties.

To add to her burdens; Hagar had to struggle to put up a decent structure to house the whole family as they lived in a one room rundown apartment.


One of Hagar’s biggest burdens was to put up a decent apartment for her family which had been putting up in a single room rundown apartment.

But the benevolence of an unassuming Mr. Justice Brobbey who approached Ultimate fm after the news was aired; spelt the beginning of change in the lives of this family.


This visit culminated in an initial financial support of a thousand cedis to the family. It was followed subsequently with the building of a three bedroom fully furnished apartment which was commissioned on Saturday with a colourful ceremony attended by Ultimate Fm; community members; opinion leaders and the team from Jusbro petroleum owned by the man who turned out to be that angel without wings Justice Brobey.

Mr. Brobbey addressing the crowd
Mr. Brobbey addressing the family

Sharing his motivation to offer support of this magnitude; Mr. Brobbey disclosed that he had been blind himself before through an accident at a construction site in Holland where he worked as a factory floor hand.

“A battery exploded when I was on site and its content poured over into my eye. For a month; I saw nothing. My bosses who loved me for my hard work; sent me to a specialist who operated on my eye and restored my sight. So when I heard the news on Ultimate FM, I was moved to step in. I conferred with my general manager and my wife to visit them with the reporter of Ultimate fm. When I came over; their conditions were terrible and the plight of this old woman was heartbreaking.  So we endeavoured to help them and this is the result we are witnessing today,” he recounted.

BLIND 2 (2)

Full of songs of thanks giving; the third blind son Solomon told the story about their previous sorry state and their life changing encounter with Mr Justice Brobbey.

the blind family
the blind family

“It’s a three bedroom house. We have a hall and a toilet and bath. We also have some comfortable hall furniture; fans in all the rooms; sound system and a fridge. He has also furnished all our rooms with beds and all our floors are tiled.”

What Mr. Brobey has done beats our imagination. We will only ask for God’s blessings and protection for him,” a grateful Solomon added.

The Business manager of Ultimate FM, Patrick Edmond Asamoah commended Mr. Justice Brobbey who acquired the accolade of “oseadieyo.” For his affection for humanity and his noble action.

the blind family with staff of Ultimate fm
the blind family with staff of Ultimate fm and Jusbro staff

Mr. Asamoah pledged Ultimate FM’s commitment to touching society with its on-air content and reach.

“It means a lot to Ultimate 106.9 as a radio station where we believe in the work that we do, impacting the society. Basically, we used our platform to carry the story and through the benevolence of Mr Justice Brobey; he has been able to put up this beautiful structure for the family to ensure that they can have shelter over their heads. And indeed as we always say at Ultimate, radio brings results, this is a typical example of radio being at work,” he commended.

The Head of News with Ultimate fm Julius Caesar Anadem indicated that the feat chalked was another feather in the cup of the news team, and a motivation to spur the team on to do greater exploits.

family exchanging pleasantries with staff of Ultimate fm
family exchanging pleasantries with staff of Ultimate fm and Jusbro staff

“I think carrying out this project which the news room dubbed the blind project is one thing that shifted attention from the usual political talk. It is about development journalism and that is what the team here at Ultimate and especially the News Team, are bent on doing to create that change that society deserves. This will not be the last for the team. It will definitely spur us on to do more,” he assured.

News broadcast assistant with Ultimate News Ivan Korshie Heathcoat – Fumador noted, “It’s about getting results and people are our rewards. No amount of money can reward us for what we do but when we see such impacts it brings me more excitement than anything else.”

For Broadcast Journalist Eno Safo, she was awed by the whole experience and the fulfilment the family felt at the project completed by the team.

“The whole project has left me speechless. We are very grateful for Mr. Brobbey stepping in and if anybody out there has anything at all to donate to this family, we kindly ask that they bring it here and the family will definitely get it. Radio does indeed get results and we are proud of our achievements here and this will certainly not be the last,” an emotional Eno said.

The team left with all the joy. However the family is asking for a source of livelihood to economically empower them to keep body and soul together.

By: Ghana/Ultimatefmonline.com/106.9fm/Ivan Korshie Heathcote – Fumador