Group Accuses Mahama of Squandering GH¢300m SADA cash

A group calling itself the Truth Forum, has accused President Mahama and his government of ‘chopping’ three hundred million cedis (GH¢300m) meant for the Savannah Accelerated Development Authority(SADA) Fund.

According to the pro-New Patriotic Party (NPP) group, the president after misusing the fund has since kept mute on anything that has to do with SADA.

Speaking at a press conference in Wa the Upper West Regional capital, a leading member of the group, Anthony Abayifa Karbo stated, “it is instructive to note that in all his rounds in the five (5) SADA regions during the just ended Accounting to the People Tour, no mention was ever made of SADA, its supposed legacy as of now and what the future holds for it. The pressing question is why the President seems to have totally abandoned this Pet Project of his and why he is no longer bold to even name it and account to the Northern people on how ‘well’ they have managed SADA and bridged the gap between the North and South as they originally promised.”

The President’s unwillingness to touch the SADA subject according to Mr. Karbo, is an admission of his failure and the legacy of shame he is allegedly leaving with regards to Northern development.

He observed that the many promises he made to the people of the North especially in 2012 when he led the onslaught to tell Northerners that with a Northern President, the North would see the deserved commitment and attention for development have all been a mirage.

On how the money was wasted by President Mahama and his cronies, Karbo alleged among others that resources released to ostensibly help the Northern poor and uplift them from suffocating poverty, was virtually pilfered into private accounts and pockets and into buildings and cars for the President, his friends and family while the ordinary man and woman of the North have been left poorer and more deprived.

“Various Audit reports have revealed the amazing levels and shameless schemes with which these resources were stolen by men close to the ‘Northern President’,” he said.

 “260 million Ghana cedis had been allocated to SADA by 2012, instead of a promised 600 million Ghana cedis. According to the 2013 and the 2014 Budgets, 20 million Ghana cedis was allocated to SADA per year while there was virtually no mention of SADA in the 2015 and 2016 Budgets.”

This, Anthony Karbo said, means that the NDC government has only delivered at most 30% of what it promised the people of the North.

“What John Mahama and his NDC government have achieved is ensuring that cronies of the government enrich themselves obscenely in the name of Northern Development and the destruction of the Northern Brand and even environment. And there appears no end in sight to this legacy of shame and the nightmare the people of the North are seeing today. We say enough is enough,” he stated.

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