Mahama is our kinsman, vote for him-Suhuyini

The ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) Parliamentary candidate for Tamale North Alhassan Suhuyini has entreated electorate in the Northern region to vote for the president John Dramani Mahama because he is one of their kinsmen.

He admonished people in the North to go out in the numbers during election day to vote for the president.

Suhuyini indicated that the party cannot afford to lose the elections and that their votes are needed to retain the president.

The Journalist said the president who grew up from the North is passionate in solving issues affecting Northerners.


The parliamentary hopeful wondered why Northerners don’t like each other.

He bemoaned that President Mahama broke the record of winning presidential elections  without support from his home region.

He made these remarks when he addressed a cross section of students in Tamale after distributing relief items to victims whose properties swept away during heavy rains last week in the North.

He charged Northerners to emulate the people in Volta, Ashanti, Central who rallied behind their kinsmen in the past by retaining president Mahama in office. 

‘We have a president who is our brother and our father, we have  a president who grew up in Tamale, and rode bicycles through Nobisco, to Tamale Senior High School and actually Ghana Secondary school which I also attended. So you see he is very passionate not only about the developments in Ghana but issues affecting Northern region. It is not as if he bias because he is from the North but because he knows when he retires he will come home, and that is why it is incumbent upon us to vote for him, sometimes  when you say this people think you are being partisan and political, when I was growing up I realised that we Northerners don’t like each other.  

I used to hear it and that when you are Northerner and you are somewhere (in position)  don’t let your brother to come there, he will pull you down, I used to hear it, am sure you have also heard. When a Voltarian JJ Rawlings was chosen as president all Voltarians voted for him. When an Ashanti became a president all the Ashantes rallied behind him, thats President Kufour and when Prof. Atta Mills wanted to be president all the Central Region voted massively for him, but you know the sad news, when President Mahama was running, NDC lost eleven seats in Northern region. Is it true we don’t like each other,’ he asked.

By: Ghana/ Osei