GES Stops Vacation Classes

The Public Relations Officer of Ghana Education Service (GES) Rev. Jonathan Bettey has warned that the service will soon crack the whip on schools and teachers who organise vacation classes.

He said the GES does not approve of schools keeping students in schools during holidays.

Speaking on Ultimate breakfast show hosted by Lantam Papanko, he indicated that the GES has not mandated any school to organise vacation classes.  

Pupils are asked to pay high fees to attend vacation classes, and some schools have made it compulsory for the students.

This he said, it is wrong for teachers and schools to charge and ask students to attend vacation classes.

‘You cannot keep children throughout the term and  when its holiday still keep them, its not ideal, they must also rest their brains, that GES does not allow if we do, then it means there is no holiday,’ he said.  

He lashed out at teachers who punish students who refuse to attend vacation classes.

‘We at GES, we have not ordered anybody or teacher to organise any vacation classes, we do not allow anybody to organise extra classes. There mustn’t be an order from school authorities or any teacher that any students who refuse to attend the vacation classes, the syllabus will not be treated and that students will be punished, its not the best, we will not allow that and we will not condone or connive with any school that will continue to do this, it’s not mandatory for any school to do that,’ he said.

Rev. Bettey cautioned that schools and teachers who are found culpable will be made to face the full rigors of the law.


‘We will take action against schools who are found culpable, we will not allow it to continue, its not good and it shouldn’t be allowed in the country, it  shouldn’t be practiced… we will issue letters to all schools,’ he warned.

He said schools cannot organise extra classes without the notice of the parents.

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