Bishop Obinnim has committed no crime!- Deputy IMANI Boss

While a section of the public are castigating controversial man of God Bishop Daniel Obinim for belting two teenagers for alleged fornication, Deputy Head of IMANI Ghana, Mr. Kofi Bentil has disclosed that he (Obinim) has committed no crime.

On his facebook wall he stated, “There’s a principle in law called ‘Volenti non fit injuria’ google it.

It simply means you cannot complain about something you willingly submit to !!!
That is why footballers can’t sue if they are kicked and injured normally during play. they agreed to play, and getting kicked and injured is natural to that sport.!!

By the way, if you are his friend please tell him this….
He is digging his own grave by saying the people are his adopted kids!!!
That position makes him guilty because the law doesn’t allow you to abuse and disgrace your kids! he is better off saying they are just members of his church, that way they cannot complain of something they willingly submitted themselves to!!

If you attend that church, you deserve to be whipped!

The Man of God, who has been embroiled in series of controversies lately, is captured in a three-minute video subjecting the pregnant church member to severe beatings with a black leather belt, accusing her of fornication.

The young man believed to have impregnated the girl equally had his fare share of beatings according to the video that has gone viral on various media platforms.

His aide Joseph Oppong Brenya, indicated that he chose that punitive action to serve as a deterrent to others during prophecy time when he was in the ‘spirit’.

 “As a father if your child goes wrong you have to discipline them to serve as a deterrent to others. Impregnating the lady is not the problem but terminating it, which is very bad. And as a man of God he [Obinim] will not tolerate such action in his church or even among his children and that is why he called and punished them to serve as a deterrent to others who will want to engage in things like that.

“He [the boy] bought drugs and gave it to the young lady to terminate the pregnancy; any father on this earth will take that action. The girl nearly lost her life,” he claimed.

But Director of Amnesty International Ghana Lawrence Amesu has described his conduct is barbaric and criminal, warranting an immediate arrest.

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