Nii Lante Engages media more than FA- Nyantakyi

The President of the Ghana Football Association (GFA), Kwesi Nyantakyi has bemoaned the conduct of the Minister for Youth and Sports   Nii Lantey Vanderpuije, in divulging planned engagements with the media even before the FA.

According to him, the Minister has gained notoriety in engaging the media more than the FA in discourse that will shape football in the country.

He disclosed that the Minister has over the period instead of engaging the FA behind closed doors, prefers to do so in the media observing that it could be the result of the strained relationship between the FA and the ministry

 “We do not have any problem with the minister; he has chosen to engage us through the media. Anytime we hear of any meeting between him and us, we hear it through the media. It’s not a good thing for the minister to address the GFA as cow dung, but he did that and we all know what cow dung is,” he told Morning Starr on Tuesday.

“I expect the minister to support our league instead of criticizing it like a ‘serial caller. I’ve heard the minister say the league isn’t attractive but what are his suggestions,…I think he should stop polluting Ghanaians with untruths.”

There seems to be a cold war between the minister and the FA ever since the legislator assumed the position.

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