Ex-police Constable Arrested For Attempted Robbery

An ex-police constable who was arrested for allegedly taking part in an attempted robbery in Wa this week is in the custody of the Upper West Regional Police Command as he is being processed for court.

Ernest Koranteng, who was dismissed from the Ghana Police Service in February this year for what the police described simply as misconduct, will be arraigned next week for his alleged complicity in an attempted robbery of a Prisons officer, Sergeant Isaac Adams, in Wa last Sunday.

Koranteng has, however, denied the allegation, while two suspected accomplices are on the run.

Trapped on road

According to the Upper West Regional Crime Officer, Superintendent of Police Mr Huseini Musah Awinaba, Sergeant Adams reported a case of an attempted robbery attack on him at midnight last Sunday as he returned to his home at Kpaguri, a suburb of Wa.

He said Sergeant Adams rode his motorbike into a rope held across the road by persons standing on either side of the road and fell off his bike.

He said three persons emerged from the darkness of the bushes and attacked Sergeant Adams, but they failed to overpower him to take away his motorbike, which appeared to be their main target.

During the struggle, Mr Awinaba said the Prisons officer raised an alarm, and when it appeared his screams for help had attracted others, the suspected robbers fled the scene.

When they left, Sergeant Adams found a photocopy of a police ID card bearing the picture and name of Koranteng, along with a National Health Insurance Scheme card also bearing the name and picture of the ex-policeman.

He said on Koranteng’s dismissal from the Ghana Police Service, all police accoutrement in his custody were retrieved, together with the original of his police ID card.

Mr Awinaba said while the Prisons officer admitted he could not make out the faces of those who had attacked him, it was still curious how the ex-policeman’s ID cards — including a photocopy of his police ID card — found their way to the scene of the robbery.