Murder Attempts Claim is False – Gregory Agana

Mr. Gregory Amoah, has denied claims by his former wife, a registrar of Tamale Campus of the University for Development Studies (UDS), Madam Stephanie Adongo that he attempted to end her life following a protracted matrimonial dispute.

The University registrar had alleged that her former husband, a former  Director of the Ghana Education Service (GES) for Bolga is after her life for dragging  him to court and claiming ownership of a 4 plots of land and their private residence after their marriage hit a snag.

The two had been married since 1998 and lived happily until recently when they turned on themselves following  the man’s decision to marry another wife.

Typically of an African woman, Madam Stephanie became precisely jealous and after extended failed attempts to persuade her husband, she wriggled out of marriage.

She told EIB Network Northern Region Correspondent, Eliasu Tanko that the off marriage acrimony started when she demanded documents to a five bedroom house and a plot of land she purchased in Mr. Agana’s name.

According to her, a court in Bolgatanga, Upper East regional capital ruled in favour and ordered proper documentation by change of ownership.

She said she took the legal action against her former husband because he had refused to willingly hand off  documents of the assets she acquired.

The court also evicted him from the contentious house and warned he shouldn’t be seen anywhere near Madam Adongo, but the educationists claimed her former husband invaded the houses and subjected to physical attacks.

According her, the latest but yet again unsuccessful attempts that has become a nightmare prompting her to raise the alarm was the invasion of her residence by some unidentified gunmen believed to be contract killers.

“The other issue is that on the 2nd July, Saturday dawn, around 2am, three men jumped over the wall and entered the house wearing masks; 2 of them holding guns and confronted the security man and asked whether his madam was around. The security man said No madam didn’t come home and they jumped over the wall again and left”, she alleged

In his response Mr. Gregory,  described her former wife’s narration as “riddled with palpable falsehoods and a few half truths”.

In his view, the allegations were a planned design to “tarnish my hard earned reputation and image of a successful educational career”.

According to him, “in Tamale, I do not know where she stays, much less to send “gun wielding snipers  to her official residence “

Mr. Amoah also stressed that he was still married to  Stephanie and that they are no records pointing out to her claim of divorce.

“Madam Stephanie Abokzede Adongo remains my first wife with whom I had three(3) children. She still stays in the five bedroom house I built before our customary marriage in 1998, whenever she is in Bolga over the weekends,” he said.

The family is now separated with three children and things appear to keep falling apart.

They are currently in court over more than three different litigation including one filed by the man seeking access to the children.

The retired director said he does not intend to engage his wife in a media war because he believes doing so would hurt the sensibilities of loved ones including that of his children.

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