Galamsey activities now done at night-EPA

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has disclosed that illegal mining activities in the country are now being done at night.

It follows concerns raised by the Public Relations Officer of the Ministry of Water Resources and Works and Housing, Abraham Otabil that water bodies in some parts of the country are being polluted following activities of these activities which is forcing the ministry to shut down some treatment plants.

“Currently the Kyebi water system being run by the Ghana Water Company has been temporarily shut down. This is due to the peak rise of the water turbidity and also as a result of the raw water colour which has exceeded the threshold value of 200mtu as per the plant designed and construction hence it has rendered the plant and then fresh water resources untreatable,” he said”

He expressed worry over the devastating effect of these galamsey operations in affected communities warning that the situation could become more alarming if stakeholders fail to act to curtail the escalating effect of illegal mining.

But Samuel Oteng, Ashanti Regional Director of EPA blamed the situation to illegal miners who now operate at night to outsmart authorities.

This according to him has resulted in the turbidity of water which requires a lot of chemicals to make it potable for human consumption as well as domestic use.

“It is the illegal miners who are doing this. We don’t know where they are because they mine in the night…..and by the time you get there they are gone. Those who have registered with us we know them. Even if you can find them unless you go for monitoring”, he disclosed on the Ultimate Breakfast Show hosted by Lantam Papanko.

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