Used condoms, sanitary pads spotted at Abrodanho’s only source of water

Angry residents of Abrodanho, a suburb of Goaso in the Asunafo North Municipal Assembly of the Brong Ahafo Region,  are up in arms with authorities over the continuous pollution of their only source of water.

They indicate that the situation has become more pronounced that they sometimes spot used condoms, pampers and sanitary pads each time they are at the banks of the Ahodwo river to fetch water.

Atiewin Mohammed of Goaso-based Success Fm told that, the Ahodwo River over the years has been heavily relied on by residents for domestic use because it does not dry up in the dry season.

 The activities of a local hotel in the area and residents along the upper part of the river he indicated, has resulted in the pollution of the water which makes it unsafe for domestic use.PILOLOO  BANNER-new

“Residents are enraged because they spotted these condoms, pampers, sanitary pads and other pollutants in the water. It looks like those living on the other side of the river have resorted to dumping refuse into it”, he said

According to him, residents have resorted to local ways of purifying the water by either boiling it or adding an alum known in the local parlance as “confa” before use but said they are worried it could result in filth-related diseases.

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