From bank to books ………the story of an award winning Ghanaian writer

God is the way maker, promise keeper, the light in our darkness. Indeed, that is who HE IS! He has predestined us with our career path, profession, & temperament, etc. All we need to do on this earth, is to discover our purpose & pursue them with full obedience; not partial,” Aaron Lordstone Kpogo.

Aaron Lordstone Kpogo a thirty four (34) year old banking and finance graduate of the Pentecost University must have landed himself what many would have called a dream job; working with Fidelity Bank.


But this was short lived as he found his passions short of the strict banking sector.

‘Even though I loved my work at the bank, I realized my potentials weren’t being maximized. I loved to talk to people to counsel them and all that. But the banking system was too strict and I felt that sense of vanity where I was only chasing after money but not the pleasure of guiding people.”

He resigned at a cost just to follow his God given purpose. He now writes books on purpose driven career, coaching, learning strategies and temperament management.

To blow your mind even further, Aaron took a decision to resign when a night earlier, he had gone for an interview for a new position in the bank.

“I knew this was the new path for me and it came with a cost. There is always a price to pay for every decision you take. I had to start all over again but I thank God for how far he has brought me. It is worth it now than some of my colleagues who are still in the banking environment struggling to make it in life. Aaron told Ultimate News’ Ivan Korshie Heathcote – Fumador.

Aaron’s passion for writing on these subjects has a direct link with his life growing up as he recounts, he lacked this kind of training and guidance along his career path.

“Personally I am a victim of this because no one really counselled me as to what courses I should pursue. I just went through the educational system only to realize that the work I am doing is not really what I was born to do. And I think that is where God has empowered me to provide such information.

“So yes many people are studying wrong courses and when they fail, it’s not that they are not intelligent. There is a student I recently counselled. She read visual arts in school and kept failing after attempts at remedial exams. When I engaged her, I realized she was not a visual arts person but a general arts oriented person. So our educational system is not really helping in that light as in guiding people to know their purpose and career plans and the course of studies that come with it,” he laments.

He has two books already, Learning Strategies and the Act of Applying Critical Thinking Skills to his credit with two more books Purpose Driven Career and The Appropriate Course to Study in the offing.

Aaron recently picked up the NATIONAL EDUCOM AWARDS; EDUCATIONAL BOOK Category, at the Holiday inn hotel, Airport city, Accra.

He currently holds seminars on his subject areas in various Senior High Schools across the country. He says his new found exploits have begun affecting lives and hopes to scale up his reach.

“The Senior high school seminars are in session but with the upcoming launch of the purpose Driven Career, I will go beyond the senior high schools and go to churches to also empower their audience to discover their purpose in life,” he assured.

A very religious Aaron is a congregant of the Pleasant Place Church formally Sheepfold Ministries pastured by Bishop Gideon Titi Ofei. He is also an alumnus of the Apam senior high school and the Dartus Educational Complex.

Aaron Lordstone Kpogo appears to have defied the odds leaving a lucrative employment and job security to chase his passions. And now he is on the road to etch his name in the history of life as an author, best seller, career and self help coach that Ghanaian youth will look up to.

By: Ghana/ Korshie Heathcote – Fumador