5 Deadly Mistakes Men Make Trying To Get Their Ex Girlfriends Back


Why begging for an ex girlfriend back seems to be a mans first instinct after a break up is beyond me.


I take that back.

I think I do understand where a man gets his instinct to beg for a woman back from.

As men we like to have our ego fed. We like feeling wanted. So, in our minds someone begging for us to be with them makes us feel wanted. Well, if you are begging for your ex girlfriend back then you are applying this logic.

For example, as you are begging for your girlfriend back you are thinking to yourself,

“Wow, if someone was doing to me what I am doing to her (with the begging) I would be over the moon.

There’s just one problem.

Women aren’t wired the way we are.

Look, as much as women hate to admit it they like men who are alphas and there is nothing alpha about a man who sits there and begs for her back.

Women don’t have the internal need for feeling wanted that men do because they feel wanted all the time.

Now, I will admit that there are some rare cases where begging works but 95% of the time it won’t (and in those cases where it does work it is when the guy cheated on the girl and and the girl refuses to take him back unless he begs.)

What it all boils down to is your positioning.

If you are begging for a girl back then you are in a position of weakness.

You aren’t going to get your ex girlfriend back for a position of weakness. Rather, you will get her back from a position of power.

So, the solution for overcoming this mistake has more to do with repositioning yourself into a position of power more than anything.


Turns out that game plans matter a lot.

This got me thinking about the men on this site that are trying to get their ex girlfriends back without a game plan.

These men are crazy?

Getting an ex girlfriend back is hard enough but doing it without a game plan…

That’s just crazy.

 I would compare it to a blind man trying to run a marathon.

The odds of success just aren’t very good.

It truly is a fatal mistake if you don’t have a well thought out and focused plan to get your ex girlfriend back


Who here is guilty of this?

Raise your hand

Me too.

Why is this such a mistake? Simple, if you are trying to get your ex girlfriend back then all you are doing by getting into a fight with her is further pushing her away.

It’s tricky though, because women always seem to know exactly what to say to put us into rage mode.

rage mode

Ok, maybe not that bad.

Still though, once you are in rage mode you are sticking to your guns and you don’t care how gets in your way. Hey, I have been there. However, you need to realize that every single time you get into a fight with your ex girlfriend you are further damaging your chances of getting her back.PILOLOO BANNER-newMISTAKE 4- TRYING TO WIN HER BACK WITH PRESENTSIt’s this idea that Hollywood has implanted in us that grand gestures commonly seen at the end of romantic movies will work to your advantage.

In other words, you think that if you buy your ex girlfriend a dozen roses, light the sidewalk with candles and romanticize things she will pick up the phone, call and tell you that she made a mistake by leaving you.

Speaking from experience any time I have gone out of my way to spoil a woman with grand gestures (who I wasn’t in a relationship with) has never worked out.
MISTAKE 5- Constantly Nagging Her

Put yourself in your ex girlfriends shoes.

She wants an alpha male.

A man who is confident with himself…

A man who knows what he is doing…

She doesn’t want some needy, desperate and annoying guy on the verge of begging for her back (see mistake 1.)

Well, if you gnat then you become needy, desperate and especially annoying.

Source: Ex Recovery