Movie Producer ‘Exposes’ Agya Koo over Mahama’s Gov’t Claims

A renowned Kumawood movie Director, Actor and producer  Asare Bediako, has hit back at Kofi Adu alias Agya Koo over claims the poor economic conditions in the country has led to him not being featured in movies in the last five years.

He indicates that the arrogance by the Kumawood actor and comedian is to blame for his predicament and not any government or president  as he claims.

On a Kumasi –based local radio station, he accused the Agya Koo of disrespecting movie producers and directors by showing gross arrogance , yet want these same persons to engage him to feature in their movies.

” If Agya Koo says he is no more getting jobs to do then he should ask himself and not associate it to the NDC and President Mahama. Agya Koo’s own character buried him. The Kumawood Producers and Directors at a time decided to ignore Agya Koo since they believe he had become too arrogant and disrespecting. Working with Agya Koo was no more profitable because, he had set rules for himself ignoring the interest of the producers. Agya Koo will charge huge sums of money and give you rules to follow or else he leaves the set. He will spend only two days on set, he doesn’t care about the length of the story line, he won’t allow you to shoot his scenes at night and he decides which actors and actresses you feature in the movie. He called for three cameras before you shoot him. In fact, there are most of the things we can’t even mention on air. He was a hell when you contracted him and so all the producers and directors decided to sit him back and give others the chance to also exhibit their talent” Asare Bediako revealed.

“So I will be surprised when a person like this goes to the media to claim he has lost jobs as a result of the NDC and President Mahama in power. He should check himself first. Myself, Peace and others brought him back on set when we realized he has realized his mistakes. The movies going down cannot be attributed to the Government but from ourselves. We think about our own selfish interest. I am still in the movie business and when I shoot a proper movie, using the proper equipments and featuring the right actors and actresses, I sell a lot. Let us all do a proper work and stop the shoddy work and provide the public with the best products and they will patronize our movies” Asare advised.

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