Deputy Chief of Staff cries over defaced posters

The National Democratic Congress’ (NDC) Parliamentary candidate for Oforikrom Constituency Johnny Osei Kofi has expressed concerns about continuous destruction and defacing of his campaign posters and bill boards in the Constituency in the Ashanti region.

The Deputy Chief of Staff is accusing members of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) of being behind the act.

The parliamentary hopeful believes the destructive moves by the NPP members are part of the party’s strategy to intimidate him in the constituency.

‘There are some people who appear to be very uncomfortable with my participation in the elections and day in and day out have been destroying my posters, they are  even uprooting my sign boards and throwing them away, you know some of the process, they just reap them off, some of them deface it, some they use other things to paint it, and so on, some paste other posters on them, if am lucky they leave my face on …I am worried but again I am not worried, it shows that some people know that the NDC in Oforikrom is a challenge,’ he bemoaned.   

Speaking in an interview with Ultimate News’ Isaac Justice Bediako whiles submitting his nomination forms at the Electoral Commission’s (EC) office in Kumasi, he expressed confidence of winning the seat.

‘I admit that the difference between the last elections was about 30,000 votes and that is very steep, but I think that demographics, personalities have changed, you know the sitting MP, my big sister Hon. Elizabeth Agyeman has her own aura, and character which she had brought to bear in the constituency, now she is not contesting anymore, there are two new comers, myself and the NPP candidate Dr.Marfo, I believe that the game will change,’ he said.

He called on the electorate to vote massively for him to change the fortunes of the constituency.

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