Stop killing consumers with unclean mineral water-Obibini Blackman Boss

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Obibini Blackman Company Dr. Kofi Aboagye Dompem, has cautioned unlicensed mineral water producers to desist from producing water under unhygienic environment for the unsuspecting public.

He wondered if these unscrupulous water producers are aware of the implications of their actions on the innocent citizenry.

Dr. Dompem observed that majority of Ghanaians are dying due to dubious ways adopted by some water producers.

The company produces Brukutu gin bitters, Buga gin bitters, Oga coffee liquor and the latest addition include ZET mineral water, Just Ice mineral water and twenty three soft drinks to hit the market by December.

According to him, due to some people’s penchant for quick money, they are ready to go to all lengths and end up killing the masses.

Speaking on Abusua FM’s Abusua Church Bells hosted by Ike Da-Unpredictable, Dr.Dompem explained that he is into mineral water processing just to break the chain of influx of persons destroying the business.

The CEO of Obibini Blackman Company believes it’s important for businesses to impact the lives of their consumers positively than destroying them.

‘How do you impact others with your work or business, are you able to please God with your work?, I have been producing bitters, I couldn’t produce soft drinks at the initial stage because I didn’t have the machines.

Sometimes I feel bitter about how some of our competitors which produce soft drinks and mineral water for people to buy, I wonder if they have the fear of God in them.  

I buy quality machines in processing the mineral water, not all people will spend so much money in purchasing expensive machines like the way I do, people should visit us to check our products, they are processed under hygienic conditions. It will break your heart to know the number of people who suffer different kinds of diseases due to dubious ways of water processed by some companies,’ he bemoaned.

He said some of his competitors tend to twist issues whenever he talks about these pertinent issues bedevilling the sector.

He advised companies to be mindful of the way they process their water for the public, calling on Ghanaians to seek God’s favour.

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