Why should we be punished for having done no wrong-Dr. Henry Lartey asks

I have been disqualified by the EC for the following reasons which we are going to defend this morning :
1. Pages 18-22 do not contain the signatures of subscribers as required by law however we were not called back within the nomination period to correct. The mistake as provided by the law.
2.Pages 14′-17 subscriptions are not dated .The EC did not inform us to correct it during the nomination period as they should have done during the nomination period by law.
3.Personal records of the Vice Presidential Candidate has not been recorded. I personally checked the records as they were recorded .
4.one subscriber Amadu Babia Latifah with the ID no 3357006984 and polling station K100401 A page 1 10 also supported the nomination of another candidate. This disqualifies both candidates endorsed by the said voter.why should we be punished for having done no wrong.?
We will g o and reason it out with the EC .
Many Thanks
Dr.Henry Herbert Lartey
Presidential Candidate ( GCPP)