Minister Promises to Expose NPP ‘Lies’ on Agriculture

The Minister of Food and Agriculture Alhaji Mohammed Muniru-Limuna has promised to expose the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) on a litany of lies it has peddled about the current state of Agriculture in the country.

He stated that the party’s parliamentary caucus continues to lie indicating there is a decline in terms of the contribution of agriculture to GDP which he said is wholly untrue and will soon hold  a press conference to expose them.

“There is a lot of distorted information and I wonder why they will seek to misinform the public just because they want power. Someone should check the figures from the statistical service and let them know they are peddling untruths”, he said.

In an exclusive interview with, the minister stated that agricultural contribution to the economy is not 0.04% as claimed by the opposition stating that the figure only represents the first and second quarter of 2015.unity-walk-banner2According to him, when third and fourth quarters of the its contribution were added, the figure rose to 2.5% and currently stands at 2.8%  if first and second quarter figures of 2016 are computed.

Even though he admits the figures are not the best, he said when industry and services are doing well; agricultural automatically shrinks indicating that it is in such situations one needs to focus on other areas in boosting agricultural sector.

“In development when you find industry and services performing, agriculture automatically shrinks and that is normal. Then you give it a different focus using modernized agriculture which calls for irrigation, mechanization and new innovation. Little did we know cassava will be used for beer and other alcohol beverages. There is a high demand for cassava it is so because value has been added to it but this does  not mean we do not have cassava in the country”, he revealed.

The minister is worried that the minority caucus continues to lie on such figures when they are available for all to see and find out for themselves reiterating that the economy is solid under the current dispensation.

By: Ghana/