NPP Regional Chairman Bugri Naabu Converts to Islam

Outspoken Northern Regional Chairman of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), Daniel Bugri Naabu on Saturday renounced his Christianity faith to join Islam.

Mr Naabu has now officially adopted Abdul Fataw Bugri Naabu as his new name in view of his new faith which was commemorated at his Kukuo residence and officiated by a renowned Muslim cleric in the Northern Region, Mallam Basha.

According to the new convert who claimed he was a Baptist, he was moved by the preaching of Mallam Basha and promised to remain in his newly found religion for life.

News of his conversion has received mixed reactions from a section of the public in the region  on social media with some claiming it is a popularity stunt.

Read some of the reactions below;

“Alhamdulillah, NPP Regional Chairman Bugri Naabu has embraced Islam. May Allah guide us through the success of this true Religion of Peace (Islam). Aameen #Religion_Over_Politics #JM_TOASO”

“Breaking News…. Chairman Bugri Naabu has reverted to Islam. Sources very close to the chairman disclosed that chairman’s name is now; ABDUL FATAWU (THE OPENER). May ALLAH be praised…..👆”

“I understand Mr. Bugri Naabu I’d now a Muslim and goes by the name Abdul Fatawu.
By implication, Mr. Bugri is now the father of my good friend Abdul Fatawu Hardi since he bears same name with his father.#Chibli”.

“Northern Regional Chairman of NPP, Chairman Bugri Naabu, now Chairman Abdul-Fatahu. Naawuni deemi o musilinsi”

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