Radio Presenters I trained are the cause of my sorry state- Otwinoko

Renowned Broadcast Journalist Lindsford Kwabena Asare popularly called ‘Otwinoko’ has made chilling revelations about persons responsible for his blindness and other related matters which has left him in a sorry state.

He disclosed that persons he personally trained in the media to host various programmes spiritually attacked him resulting in his blindness to the extent he had to spend several months on a hospital bed while his body was also rotting away.

An aggrieved ‘Otwinoko’ told Naa Klordey Odonkor on the Ultimate Brunch and Lunch his boys after stabbing him in the back wanted to kill him thereby employing various demonic ways to get him out of their way.

A blind ‘Otwinoko’ disclosed that he has forgiven his back stabbers who have put him in his present state and has also let go the pains off his chest.

According to him, the greatest miracle in his life is that he still breathes after it was rumoured that he had passed away.

‘It was a calculated attempt by those guys I was working with to eliminate me. A friend of mine introduced me to a Doctor and I was given infusion five bags within a week, after three weeks I was experiencing body itching and my eye started reddening. Blood flew from my mouth. When someone wants to eliminate you they do all things possible, my whole body peeled off, so I was on life support for month and over. For couple of weeks my eyes went off. Yes I can’t see as I speak to you now, but am living better than before. Those radio presenters I trained did this to me, Yaw Opoku a tailor at fanti new town, he was contracted to do so. I am mortal I will never die, most of the perpetrators are sick and others dead,’ he stated.

He said he was the ‘Lord’ of Kumasi based Nhyira fm but management refused to renew his contract when it ended because the boys he had trained were peddling falsehood about him.

‘Things got missing at the end of my contract, they were not ready to renew my contract because I brought in some guys in there from nowhere to train, they told management that if Otwinoko is not there we can do it. Even the colossal amount he is demanding is of no use, so I was informed about what they had on the table and a whole lots of stuff which I cannot mention. It was like back stabbers…… so I decided to move out to Fox fm… people with multi talent are very difficult but we manage it. I for one you cannot control me but you can manage me. I did not set the clock for them to control me, after all you did not pay my school fees, so I decided to move out,’ he explained.

He said all the stories he was dealing with on his programme were real and that he does not entertain cooked stories.

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