Don’t allow politicians to influence you-DCOP Ayesu Opare to police

Former Ashanti Regional Police Commander DCOP Rtd Kwaku Ayesu Opare Addo, has admonished police personnel to execute their duties boldly devoid of intimidation or influences from politicians ahead of December polls.

He has  charged them to be bold in dealing with perpetrators of nefarious crimes which do not augur well for nation building.    

Former DCOP entreated regional and district police commanders to be firm in handling issues in order to live a legacy and avoid backlash from the public.

Commenting on  the directive by the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Dr John Kudalor stopping MTTD officers from searching vehicles on roads, he said the decision was in bad taste.

Speaking with Kwame Adinkrah on Abusua FM’s Abusua Nkommo, he observed that the directive has dampen the spirits of majority of the officers.

He questioned the motive behind the directive saying unscrupulous people can steal and run away with ballot boxes without being caught whilst others carrying contraband goods  can also go scot-free without being arrested.

‘I don’t know what informed this directive, there is tension everywhere so why come out with such a directive when stakes are high. It was wrong for the IGP to take such a decision, it has dampen the working spirit of officers, how are officers going to arrest perpetrators carrying guns, contraband goods and election wreckers who will hide stolen ballot boxes in their vehicles. What happens if ballot papers are stolen?. It is sad about the perception we have about police men collecting bribes, so you scrap this off.

As an IGP or officer, you will be blamed if things go wrong or otherwise. I will advise regional commanders, district, operational, divisional commanders to stand firm to avoid backlash from the public. What legacy are you leaving behind as an officer, don’t allow politicians to influence you with monies or ideas. We have to be bold in handling issues, don’t be scared to work with the law,’ he entreated.

Touching on the skirmishes at the residence of the presidential nominee of New Patriotic Party (NPP) Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, he stated that it is needless for Ghanaians especially supporters of the various political parties to engage in scuffles ahead of December polls.

DCOP Ayesu Opare
DCOP Ayesu Opare

He stated that the election is not about war urging Ghanaians to maintain peace during, before  and after the elections.

‘We want peace not war, God enstools kings, the scuffles are needless, it does not augur well for our democracy. If you are going on a health walk, you should know where to pass and where not to pass especially when your opponent lives in that direction. Everybody has taken the laws into their hands, most people do not obey laws hence the skirmishes in the country, and those working with laws are somehow scared to act, that is not good for our democracy,’ he said. 

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