Ultimate FM Facebook: Read commentators reactions over GES No holiday statement

Social media commentators have launched a scathing attack on the Ghana Education Service (GES) for declaring December 7, 2016 a no public holiday.
Ghana goes to the polls on December 7, 2016 to elect its presidential and parliamentary candidates.
But the GES in a press statement has directed teachers, students and  educational workers to return to their post after voting adding that the day is not a holiday neither is it a vacation day as speculated by a section of the public. 

On Ultimate FM’s official Facebook page, there were mixed reactions from over 115 respondents when the GES statement was posted.

At the time of filing this report the post has attracted over 41 shares and 74 comments and generated over 75 likes.

The statement posted on the Ultimate FM’s Facebook page as part of the station’s coverage of the elections themed ‘#EIBElectionHub’ Reads: ‘No vacation or holiday on December 7’,  #PublicNotice. 

The commentators who described officials of GES in an unprintable manner argued that the schools are the same venue designated by the Electoral Commission (EC) of Ghana as polling centers.
They added that the pupils are at risk of being harmed by electoral wreckers who will cause violence.
They wondered how pupils will be monitored if teachers are in queues voting on the day.
Read some of the unedited comments:
Joe Amoah:  Schools are been used as polling stations for the Elections…… why do u want to endanger the life of this Kids………….. Since people from all sides will be trooping in to the School to Vote…. and Disturb this same kids on thier compound makin
Papa Owusu Go to Ghana international school on that faithful day 7th December 2016 and trust you me you will not find Pres.Mahama daughter there.We parents will declare the day a holiday for our kids


Amo-Adipah Kwaku
Amo-Adipah Kwaku Do we have thinkers atall in this country, assuming am in a cue nd have not finished voting, do u expect me to go back to post or if I travel to my hometown to vote, what do u want me to do. So ashamed to be a Ghanaians as if our leaders don’t have brains


Kwofie Francis Aggrey
Kwofie Francis Aggrey it will b prudent for d 7th dec be declared a statutory public holiday by d ministry of interior, simple cos as it stands now ghanains r confused as to y 2nd dec will b a holiday of wch it has no impact…..


Kojo Vint Owusu
Kojo Vint Owusu Foolishness, who leave his kids wandering on elections day.The trump strategy, so that people will not go out to vote.apuu I will go and vote and lose my job


Darkwah Mensah Williams
Darkwah Mensah Williams Idiotic statement.. When teachers are going to vote who should guide the behavior of the kids?And more so when some of the polling centers are Sch buildings


Pae Mu Ka Noel
Pae Mu Ka Noel So it means schools that have polling stations in them as the people vote on their varanda the teachers also must be teaching the pupils.
What is this all about


Akkwasi Ampong
Akkwasi Ampong I dont know but if this is l
Part of their way of stopping pupils to vote then they are wrong, cus this time we are ready to do watever it takes to vote out massively


Kwesi Boat
Kwesi Boat nonsense statement schools are used as polling station so what do you mean by pupils under 18 should not be around polling stations? azay you for think and n say


Paul Frimpong
Paul Frimpong They re part of de rigging .No one ll be in school


Owusu Yaw Daniel

Owusu Yaw Daniel The reality of putting imbecile at the helm of institutions

Owusu Yaw Daniel's photo.


Akwaboah Collins
Akwaboah Collins Concept people sonooooooo when ll dey be in class at that moment


Hayford Amanor
Hayford Amanor Some of our leaders doesn’t think at all…. You called this idiot people leaders apuuuuu


Parousia Kyei
Parousia Kyei Sometimes I wonder the kind of leaders we got in this country, maybe hand was faster than her mind.


Amo-Adipah Kwaku
Amo-Adipah Kwaku Aunty betty, are u sure u are a rev minister, nd u brought this release? This is a disgrace to ur post I swear.


Kendra Amaniampong
Kendra Amaniampong den dont use the schools as polling station use da police places for da elections.


Aduse Poku
Aduse Poku Even u GES write bad English. Shame . ny3 de3 3hia ni.Put out good policies and stop this baboon work for losing master


Kletos Lucas
Kletos Lucas These guy are not serious


Ansu Patrick
Ansu Patrick Useless announcement


Nana Yaw Poyona
Akwasi Mensah Quainoo
Akwasi Mensah Quainoo Do we have wise leaders in this country? They think like kids


Paa Kwasi Catalyst
Paa Kwasi Catalyst Are they really serious? ??


Kofi Oparaku
Nhanha Qwadhwo Opoquo
Nhanha Qwadhwo Opoquo This is madness


Mahor Sarpong
Mahor Sarpong Nkwasiafo)


Bernard Small
Bernard Small Like hw I go bore if I still dey sch😁😂


Quadjo Effah Benjamin
Quadjo Effah Benjamin Reality vrs actual


Agyemang Nana Quaqu
Agyemang Nana Quaqu This is the most stupid decision Ghana education service has taken. Why are leaders so blind because of politics, they should remember no political party will remain in power forever. NONSENSE


Abdul Basit Ganiva
Abdul Basit Ganiva Education minister is out of his sence


Arthur Bright
Arthur Bright Very well. But my question is, are not these same teachers the election officials? Are not most if not all basic school students under 18? Where are polling stations located? Da koro holiday nti. #still_thinking_saaaaaaaa


Mohammed Abdulai
Mohammed Abdulai After Tuesday 6th December, my head teacher will see me on Monday, 12th December. I’m not going near the school.

A holiday would’ve been in the interest of the GES and the entire Ghanaian public. About 50% of the hired temporary staff of the EC are teachers who will automatically not be in school, who takes care of these pupils @ school???
Shouldn’t #prudence reign here!!
Why behave as the ostrich?

What if I don’t oblige what will be the percussion. U people should rub this message off koraaa…

Louis Atta are these people serious, how can I let my child come to during election day, is he doing PhD, or masters Oh Ghana these people shd gv us a break we will not go neither our children

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